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Dagogo/Fred Crowder RMAF 09 Show Report

Aaudio Imports was again showing in the Larkspur Suite with a system comprised of Einstein electronics (The Source Balanced Tube CD player, The Tube Mk II Tube preamp, The Final Cut MK 60 mono OTL amps), Acapella (High Violon speakers, Fondato Silenzio isolation bases Reference LaMusila speaker cables and High LaMusika power cords), Isoclean power cords and filtering, and Stage II Gryphon interconnects and Zyklops power cords.  This was similar to the system used last year except that the High Violon Mk IV had been substituted for the larger Triolon and the substantial room treatment used last year was missing.    The sound was sweet/ natural with excellent string tone.  Depth, stage and focus were exceptional.  One of my test CD's is Ruth Ann Swenson- Positively Golden.  Cut two from “Lucia de Lammermore” contains some mezzo fortes that are very difficult for most systems to reproduce without break-up.  On this system, the sound was magical.  There was nothing that I threw at this system that sounded anything but superb.  This was one of the two or three rooms to which I kept returning during the show.

Link to show report site... http://www.dagogo.com/View-Article.asp?hArticle=585

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