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Isoclean Audio Grade Fuses

How do they sound? 

In my system, the change from stock fuses to Isoclean was absolutely positive. The Isoclean mostly reduced distortion and grunge while tightening up imaging and improving the sense of placement. This kind of upgrade is so right that you accept the change as part of the music within a few minutes. It's very much like the benefit offered by a fine aftermarket power cord, but in miniature.

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Positive Feedback 11/1/2005
Isoclean Super Focus Power Cable

I used my review pair of Isoclean Super Focus power cords for both players. Their superiority was early established, I hated the idea of doing without.

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Ultra Audio 6/1/2005
Isoclean Audio Grade Fuses

While spending $25 for a fuse might seem ridiculous, when you hear what these gilded fuses do, you will consider this an outright steal. Most tweaks do make an audible difference but in many cases, not necessarily an improvement. With the Isoclean fuses, you definitely will observe enhanced performance. Highly recommended.

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6moons 5/1/2005
Truly Comprehensive Power Delivery Solutions

It's popular to talk about the need for comprehensive front-to-back power delivery solutions. But perhaps no firm has actually done more about this mandate than IsoClean. Besides power cords, isolation transformers, power strips, wall outlets and RCA shielding plugs, they even make a complete audiophile breaker box [see above] to replace the Lowe's special your electrician (or your landlord's) installed in your present abode a long time ago.

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6moons 2/1/2005
Isoclean Wall Socket

Upon powering up my system and selecting a track, I was positively stunned to hear the improvement. My system sounded louder and more dynamic. Bass extension increased and was tauter. I also noticed slightly less grain and line hash. I have no explanation how a mere outlet could have such an influence on sonics.

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6moons 11/1/2004
Audiotop VinylSet

My experience with merely cleaning previously clean LPs was quite striking as they sounded more transparent and dynamic.

The magnitude of the improvement over other vinyl cleaners, surface treatments, and stylus cleaners of this newly available treatment in my experience is overwhelming.

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Links to forums 10/3/2004
Audiotop Connect Workstation

I spent an entire weekend cleaning everything that even slightly comes in contact with electricity. I don't want to keep you waiting any longer - what happened next was just unbelievable! The instruments (voices) that I could only imagine before suddenly seemed tangible. Now all improvements became audible! This may sound like a fairy tale, yet this story really happened.

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Client's reports 6/7/2004
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