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Stage III  USA
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Pure Silver Interconnects
$900 / $1,100
Product Features:

RCA Type:

• $900 1 meter pair
Add $200 per .5 meter pair

XLR Type:

• $1,100 1 meter pair
Add $200 per .5 meter pair

BARON AG interconnects allow you to start listening to music instead of listening to your equipment by removing all harshness while conveying more "air" and a delicacy that only a quality silver/air-dielectric design can provide.

These interconnects find themselves at home in the most resolving, high-priced systems, particularly those using low-power tube components. Single-ended (RCA) only.


we have authorized distributors in the following countries 
Hong Kong & China, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam

we have authorized dealers in North America
USA & Canada

Product Specifications:

Twisted pair configuration with 2 AeroStrand™ pure silver conductors per channel (1.5mm x .3mm). 

Air dielectric. Mil-Spec PVC tubes (0.8mm wall). 

Terminated with custom silver RCA plugs or Switchcraft XLR plugs.

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