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Lansche  Germany
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2 Way Semi-Active Loudspeaker With Integrated Active Subwoofer
$266,000 / $276,000 pr.
Product Features:

$266,000 Piano Black Lacquer
$276,000 High Gloss Veneer

The model already stands out due to its modular layout: This system is divided into three separate enclosures. Two identical bass modules are used for the top and bottom segments, surrounding a tweeter-only module in the middle. The advantage of this layout is that each of the modules can be technologically and acoustically optimized separately, i.e., to match the very different requirements of bass, midrange and treble reproduction. In the No. 8.2 system, all of the speaker drivers are vertically aligned using the symmetric D'Appolito layout. Thanks to precisely balanced frequency distribution, any room reflections interfering with the sound can be reduced to a minimum.

This makes it possible to enjoy the system's unique and authentic-sounding music reproduction technology in virtually any listening space. Your amplifiers can focus on reproducing the treble and midrange as accurately and transparently as possible, while the integrated amplifiers for each of the bass drivers take on the mighty task of reproducing the bottom octaves. In the sub-bass area, the integrated active circuitry makes all the difference: optimal damping of the long-throw drivers on the rear of the enclosure; active distortion limiting; perfect matching of amplifier output to driver capacity thanks to an intelligent control circuit. This uncompromising technology, combined with the advanced enclosure design, results in an internationally unrivalled sound reproduction quality – even at the very highest volume levels.

Product Specifications:


Semi-Active Speaker

2 Way Closed Speaker
With Integrated Active Subwoofer


1 x 0.3 inch Corona Ion Tweeter


4 x 8 Inch Paper Coated Cone

Subwoofer (active):

2 x 18 Inch Long Neck Construction


2 x 1,200 Watt (Power Output)

Crossover Frequencies:

2.5 kHz

Crossover Frequency Active:

40 Hz (15 Hz Subsonic Filter)

Nominal Impedance:

8 Ohm (minimum 6.2 Ohm)


94 dB / 1W / 1M

Linear Max:

115 dB / 1M

Frequency Range:

15 Hz - 150 kHz (+/- 3 dB)


78.7” x 14.7 (20.5)” x 29.1” (HxWxD)


880 lbs. Per Speaker

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