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B.M.C.  Germany
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Monos Cables
Mono-Crystalline Silver Cables
$1,490 / $1,690
Product Features:

Monos Interconnects:

• $1,490 1.0 meter pair, RCA or XLR
• Add $495 per .5 meter pair

Monos Phono Cable: Various

• $1,690 1.0 meter, RCA or XLR or DIN

B.M.C. Monos - Mono Crystalline Cable

What exactly is this? In Japan's Chiba Institute of Technology a special casting process was developed, which enables a cable extrusion resulting in a very long single crystal silver wire.

Usual silver cables are known to have an airy openness, but also can have a slightly bright character. A significant reason for this tendency is that each about 10mm small silver crystal is connected to the next. For just 1 meter of cable length about 100 “connections” are within the signal path. Thus a straight “pass through” of the delicate music signal is impossible.

In addition those “connections” are also sensitive to corrosion and aging, which may cause gradual degradation of sound quality.

This is essentially different with mono-crystalline cables. Virtually made by a single piece there is no more “internal connection impedance” which results in a very positive sonic impact. Enormous transparency combined with perfect balance makes the music “breathe”.

Obviously such a cable can’t be cheap – material choice, purity and production process are second to none. But the musical performance helps to easily accept this fact in exchange for lasting enjoyment!

Product Specifications:

Monos Interconnects: Single Ended

The unbalanced RCA cable uses one wire for the hot pin and two wires for the ground - all 3 made of mono-crystalline silver. The sheild is single side connected and should be plugged to the receiving units input.

Monos Interconnects: Balanced

The balanced XLR cable uses 3 internal mono-crystalline silver wires for the balanced signal plus ground. The sheild is single-side connected to the "male" XLR plug.

Monos Phono Cable: Various

The balanced PHONO-XLR-Cable uses 2 twisted internal mono-crystalline silver wires for the signal transport. The tonearm ground is wired by another internal mono-crystalline silver wire. The sheild is single-side connected at pin 1 of the XLR connector.

Brand News:
B.M.C. Audio Expands to North America, February 2011
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