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Hartvig  Denmark
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Hartvig TT
Turntable + Armboard
$13,500 / $14,400 / $14,900
Product Features:

$13,500 High Gloss Black
$14,400 Real Wood Veneer
$14,900 Wood With Inlay

* Custom Pearl Paint (Call For Pricing)

Hartvig Audio’s new entry level high end turntable is built with a passion for hi-fi and a dream of bringing recorded music alive in your own living room.

This turntable is a handcrafted quality product with longevity, and it is timeless and pure styled in its design.

This TT model ensures an incredible reproduction of sound and distinguishes itself from the digital media, as the analog sound is both smooth and reproduces the music down to the last detail.

The Hartvig TT brings recorded music alive – it is pure sound with soul.

Product Specifications:

The base is made of a composite material - as a sandwich of MDF and acrylic.

The platter is made from aluminum (T6 series) and acrylic and the center shaft is stainless steel with no connection to the bearing - it is only fastened to the acrylic.

The bearing is a hardened steel shaft with an aluminum-base. It has a precision honed bronze (best quality) shell with a ceramic ball and Teflon at the top of the bearing.

The turntable has a brushless electronically regulated DC-charged motor.

The feet have an elastic core for perfect absorption. They are three-point feet with two adjustable legs for perfect adjustment. 

The arm board is made from acrylic and has an eccentric adjustable aluminum base.

Everything is handcrafted in Denmark (except the motor which is custom-made in Germany) under strict quality control.

My special strength is a great knowledge of materials and how they work together, which is e.g. very important designing and building a quality bearing.





Platter weight:
15.4 lbs.

Total weight:
28.6 lbs.
(without motor)

Product Reviews:
Dagogo, March 2017
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