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Thales  Switzerland
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Thales Phono Cable
Precision Phono Cable
Product Features:

$2,000 - 1.5 meter pair, RCA / XLR / DIN
$200 - Additional .5 meter pair, RCA / XLR / DIN

Our experience in winding the finest internal wirings of purest copper for our tone-arms made us following this philosophy for specific Phono cable.

Each conductor is made of two ultra-thin copper wires, pairwise twisted and casted into nylon, shielded by an extra apiral-wire. 

They are available from 1.5 to 7.0 meter length with RCA, XLR or DIN connectors.

"Thales Cables are something special and must be auditioned...
...You will be amazed by their natural sound and musicality"

Brand News:
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Official Website:
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