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Metaxas  Germany
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Preamplifier w/ MiPs Power Supply
$77,000 / $85,000 / $89,200
Product Features:

$77,000 Opus Preamp Line-stage
$85,000 Opus Preamp Line-stage w/RIAA Phono-stage
$89,200 Opus Preamp Line-stage w/DAC Module

• Available in your choice of color, Painted or Anodized

- Future proof design, discrete replaceable modules
- Chassic & PSU each machined from one solid block of aluminum
- Painstaking selection and matching by hand of all the components
- Bespoke hand-made production by one technician from start to finish
- Millitary-spec grade components. CNC machined & laser etched panels
- Over 300 in-house Master Tape concert recordings as our Reference

The OPUS is the direct result of an intense 35 years fascination to perfect the most transparent, reference caliber "monitoring" preamplifier to complement both the finest domestic audio playback & professional recording systems in the world.

Using technology borrowed from Aerospace and Formula 1, the design also reflects the extraordinary advances that have been made over the last 15 years in modelling and simulation software.

In the early 2000's, Kostas Metaxas trained himself to become one of the first designers who could conceive, model and prototype an entire amplifier on a component by component basis in 3D.

The PCB software he uses not only lays out the boards, but also allows schematic based simulations which can test [or verify] the PCB's signal integrity displaying Reflection and Crosstalk Analysis.

To aid in his design work, Metaxas started working on creating the ultimate library of test recordings using three "modified" Swiss Stellavox Analogue tape machines with Neumann [M150, TLM50 and TLM170] and B&K [4135] microphones to record and film over 300 concerts. Many of these recordings are also used today as references by other manufacturers.

Once the electronic design and voicing through master tapes were sorted, the next challenge was to create a masterpiece to house them. The striking "organic" case design is 5-axis CNC machined from a solid block of Aircraft Aluminum to shield and mechanically ground all low-level signals. All switches, attenuators and sockets/plugs [hardware] are of the highest possible quality, many meeting or exceeding military specifications.

This future-proof preamplifier offers the simplest, purest signal path. Additional "Plug-in modules' allow almost infinite possibilities for the addition of LP phono RIAA equalized playback, microphone preamplification or Digital recording [ADC] and Playback [DAC].

In its basic format it comes with a "Mainframe" and separate AC Mains Isolated Power Supply connected by two aerospace-grade umbilical cords.


The "Mainframe" features all the switching and attenuator pots with internal sockets to accept the following modules:

Comes standard with the following modules:

- Master Out Line Stage Module [comes standard] Single-ended output.
- Professional VU meter drive circuits.

Optional Modules:

- Phono RIAA Stage Module Plug-ins
- Balanced [transformer input] Microphone Preamplifier Module Plug-ins

- 384kHz/24bit Digital to Analogue or Analogue to Digital converters.

 * All modules feature their own discrete voltage regulators.


The MIPS is essentially one channel of an IKARUS power amplifier driven by an ultra-low-noise discrete sine wave oscillator at ~ 200Hz driving the primary of an output transformer. The secondary of this transformer generates the filtered +/-35V dual mono supply rail voltages for the discrete voltage regulators. This scheme totally isolates the AC mains from the amplifier circuit.

Product Specifications:

DC - 10MHz (-3dB)

15VRMS per channel into 50 Ohms with no more than 0.05% T.H.D.

Greater than 1000V/us small and large signal

Less than 0.005% 20Hz-20KHz


Less than 0.005%

-117DBV unweighted input shorted

(Line Stage) 26dB


100k Ohms in parallel with 11pF

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