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Thales  Switzerland
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Flagship Tone-arm
Product Features:

After building finest tonearms for ten years, Micha Huber contributes all his experience into a new piece of art: The THALES STATEMENT.

Based on the famous correction mechanism for tangential pivoted tracking this tonearm stands out with the following features:

Optimized mechanical energy flow and new materials for more dynamic sound

Arm tubes and head shell made of special aluminum alloy with the strength of steel but 10 times higher internal damping.

Arm tubes curved for maximum rigidness.

Bearing unit completely capsuled to increase the mechanical rigidity up to 100x.

Elliptic shaping of base parts to increase critical contact surfaces.

Ruthenium coating on bearing and base parts to increase the damping properties.

Optimized electrical shielding properties

All arm parts gold coated (for gold version) or rhodium coated (for silver version).

New bearing technology to ensure low impedance connection points from base to head.

New fine adjustment mechanism for more preciseness

Fine adjustment device for VTA with 1/10mm scale.

Fine adjustment device for Azimuth with 1/3° scale.

Advanced clamping mechanism inside installation ring to allow on fly adjustment.

Product Specifications:

Mounting Distance:

Tracking Error:

Effective Length:
9 inches

Effective Mass:

Offset Angle:
8 - 19°

Cartridge Weight:
7 – 20g

Head Shell:

Integrated 5-pin-DIN-connector

Thales Statement Silver:
Arm tubes rhodium coated, base ruthenium coated

Thales Statement Gold:
Arm tubes golden coated, base ruthenium coated

Thales Statement Base:
Most advanced mechanical energy flow

Clamping Mechanism:
Double base ring with clamping piece

Fine Adjustment:
Adjustment mechanism with indication device for VTA and Azimuth

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