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Aaudio Press Release: Stage III Concepts

Aaudio Imports, U.S. Distributor of top high-end consumer products, such as loudspeaker lines from BMC and Lansche, electronics from BMC and Ypsilon and accessories from Audiotop, Isoclean, Klutz Design and Millennium is now the North America & Global distributor for the cable line from Stage III concepts.

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary as the U.S. Distributor of top loudspeaker and electronic brands from Europe and Asia, Brian Ackerman, president of Aaudio Imports, is proud to represent this US-based company.


“I have known the extraordinary work that Luis De La Fuente (founder of Stage III Concepts) has done with exotic cable design, and I consider it a privilege to represent his work to the global audience.

Since 1996, Stage III Concepts has been an innovator in audio cable design, being the first company to offer “floating” silver ribbon, air dielectric interconnects, speaker cables and power cords.

Luis’ designs are extremely well thought out, entirely handmade and use only the absolute finest materials, such as the world’s first “silver/palladium alloy” in the A.S.P. reference series.”

Stage III cables are being sold WORLDWIDE & through SELECT DEALERS & DISTRIBUTORS.

All cables are made to order, and carry a lifetime warranty.

Bookmark this site and return every week for the beautiful pictures and to read more about these ultra-fine audio products.

Aaudio Imports 

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