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New Products From: Ypsilon Electronics

New Product Announcements: Ypsilon Electronics

BC1: Balanced Converter Transformers
The Ypsilon BC1 transformers are used for converting an unbalanced signal to a balanced one. They can be used with any kind of unbalanced source like cd-players, phono preamps, line preamps etc. They can also be used for breaking ground loops in a system, lowering the total noise floor and improving the interface between equipment by providing galvanic isolation. US retail price... $3,600 pair.
MC10 / MC16 / MC20: Moving Coil Step Up Transformers
The MC transformers were developed in conjunction with the Ypsilon VPS100 phono preamp. They can be used with most of the moving coil cartridges. For optimum performance the MC transformers can be used within a specific range of cartridge output levels. US retail price... $2,700 each.
Ypsilon transformers are hand wound in house using the finest materials available, and are built by the designer himself.
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TAS Golder Ear Award ~ Ypsilon Hyperion 8/2/2017

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2016 Positive Feedback Writers Choice Award 11/22/2016

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