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B.M.C. Audio Expands to North America

B.M.C. is a new brand founded by highly experienced
designers and managers, incorporating decades of accumulated knowledge and experience, developing exceptional gear with modular design and tasteful exterior for music lovers with the highest expectations and individualistic aims.

The high flexibility of B.M.C.'s modular design combined with beautiful contemporary appearance design offer interesting, partly individually configurable ready made units as well as a wide selection of components. This concept requires a closer relation between customer, retailer and manufacturer and thus a matching distribution idea.

The B.M.C. Team has a rock-solid base of innovative high-end audio technology, which regardless of musical taste is founded on in-depth research of electronic circuitry regarding the impact on the music reproduction.

The summary of decades of experience, technical and musical competence and the inspiration of a new powerful team is simply an inspiring creativity serving music-lovers and also opening a way for taking part in the future direction of development.

Your audio-dreams may come true!

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