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Isoclean  Hong Kong

Isoclean Power Products bring your Hi-Fi system into its utmost performance

The performance of a Hi-Fi system, apart from its quality, depends mainly on the use of accessories and materials of conductors. In addition, noise from the power supply, outer vibration, RF from mobile phone, radio & TV broadcasting and resistance from cables and contact interface are the prime destructions to music reproduction.

To eliminate the physical factors which deteriorate audio and video reproduction, ISOCLEAN POWER custom designs a series of high-quality Hi-Fi accessories.

  1. Ultra-low resistance ISOCLEAN POWER Transformers and Noise Filters to eliminate noise from power supply.
  2. Ultra-heavy air-damping compound Isoplane to dampen outer vibration.
  3. RF is minimized by using thick compound Copper.
  4. Precisely polished with thick 24K gold-plated contact interface to reduce resistance and increase contact area.

ISOCLEAN POWER products bring your Hi-Fi system into its ultimate performance.

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