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Tandem  Greece
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Statement Series
Available in Natural Wood Veneers
$11,900 - $32,900
Product Features:

$11,900 2 Shelf Single Wide
$16,100 3 Shelf Single Wide
$20,300 4 Shelf Single Wide
$18,200 2 Shelf Double Wide
$25,600 3 Shelf Double Wide
$32,900 4 Shelf Double Wide

$450 add per shelf for piano black (or) pearl paint w/aluminum details

• Totally Hand Crafted
• Easy Assembly and Leveling
• Extreme Flexibility in Sizes, Veneers and Applications
• Absolutely no Requirement for extra Anti-Vibration Feet
under Equipment Chassis

We believe not in vibration damping, but in vibration coupling designs
for the best sonic result in ultimate systems.

“Statement” series is our highest level proposal in vibration control.
It is considered in a class of its own among competition.

In our labs continuous A/B listening sessions proved that “Statement” series surpasses every other product regardless of price.

Signature In Quality Advanced Designs Global Patent
Product Specifications:

“Statement” shelf has 21.3 x 19.7" dimensions, having a unique construction of specially handcrafted and placed wood along with enclosed metal frame and vibration absorbing material.
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