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Audiotop  Switzerland
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Connect Workstation
A Three Stage Contact Cleaning Set
Product Features:

With the 3-piece Cleaning Set Connect-Workstation, you can reach the best standard in contact cleaning for power plug connectors, switches, rotary controllers, metal contact pins, etc

The exceptional cleaning features are: an extremely low and constant resistance across the entire audible frequency range, insensitivity to humidity and aggressive chemicals and organic solvents as well as protection from corrosion and improved wear resistance. This is especially important especially where only a few micron of gold coating are used. Stops the build up of corrosive matter. Temperature resistant up to 180° C (important for tubes).

With Audiotop Connect, all acoustic characteristics of your equipment are optimised. Look forward to a new audio adventure!

Product Specifications:

Audiotop Connect: A three stage cleaning set (workstation) used to improve the conductivity of electrical contacts, accessories included.

Formula: Please refer to the descriptions of the individual components below.

Instructions: Please refer to the descriptions of the individual components below.

Keep equipment seperated from electrical current prior to cleaning!

Recommendation: We recommend you to clean exterior contacts (permanent connections) approximately every 8 to 10 months, interior contacts every year. For "open" tube socket or places with strong air pollution we recommend cleaning in intervals of approximately 6 to 8 months. After cleaning, let your equipment run on low volume for at least half an hour, since altered current flow will need a new burn-in. On this occassion optimize the positioning of your equipment as we know from experience how the cables run and/or the equipment stands has a substantial influence on the quality of the music rendition.

Warning! Disconnect mains before cleaning interior contacts and "open" tubesockets. We don't take any responsibility for any damage that may be caused by inappropriate use of our products!

Characteristics: With the Connect-Workstation you achieve the best possible electric contact of plugs, switches, tube pins, etc. Outstanding characteristics are the extremely low surface to surface electrical resistance! Further characteristics are: larger and thus more reliable contact areas, less sensitive to aggressive chemicals and organic solvents, protection from corrosion and wear (particularly important with only few micrometers thin coating), and withstanding temperatures up to 180° C (important for tubes).

Thus, if you really want to optimize a component or a cable, then you can’t not clean with the Connect-Workstation! We assure you that the interfaces thereafter permit a genuine reference, because the potential of a system goes far beyond the quality of amplifier or other components alone!

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