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Stacore  Poland
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CLD Footers
Universal rigid equipment footer
$360 per foot
Product Features:

STACORE CLD FOOTER — A universal, rigid audio equipment footer.

Massively over-engineered and beautifully hand crafted footers offering a solid support and vibration control properties. Each footer is a combination of a specially chosen stainless steel and our premium quality Italian slate in Constrained Layer Damping (CLD) configuration.

As with all our products, the design is based on pure physics applied to audio. The outer steel shell provides a low impedance coupling to an audio equipment case, while the slate bottom to a support on which the  equipment is placed. A specially chosen viscoelastic layer provides an interface between the two, resulting in a highly damped rigid construction. The footers are also massive and their high and damped mass provides an additional vibration reduction mechanism.

Our STACORE CLD Footers work great both as a stand-alone product and as an efficient interface between audio equipment and our anti-vibration platforms. When used with any of our STACORE platforms, they provide an additional sonic refinement to what the platforms do and help reveal that last bit of the audio equipment capabilities.

* OEM inquires welcome, Stacore can also build custom sizes

Product Specifications:

- 2.17” x 2.17 x 1.5” (WxDxH)

- .8 lbs. per footer

Max Load:
- 66 lbs. per footer

Top Mounting Hole:
- M10 threaded
- Custom size mounting hole per request (minimum order required)

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