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Stacore  Poland
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Anti-vibration pneumatic platform
Product Features:

STACORE BASIC+ — High End anti-vibration pneumatic platform for extra heavy audio components.

Almost limitless load capability opens a chance to isolate even the heaviest audio equipment. Ideal for heavy turntables, amplifiers, monoblocks or speakers. Visually BASIC+ platform is identical with the BASIC model.

Each platform is packed in a deluxe flight case with a CNC milled foam insert to ensure a safe transport.

* Due to high manufacturing cost this product is only sold direct
   through Aaudio imports in US & Canada

* Intro Platforms & CLD Footers are also sold through dealers

Product Specifications:

- 22.8” x 18.9” x 4.25” (WxDxH)
- Larger custom sizes available per request

- 136.4 lbs.

Max Load:
- 352 lbs.
- Max load capabilities up to 1000kg available per request

Brand News:
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