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Stacore  Poland
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Anti-vibration two-stage platform
Product Features:

STACORE ADVANCED — High End anti-vibration two-stage platform for the most demanding audio applications.

Building on an already excellent STACORE BASIC audio anti-vibration platform, the ADVANCED model takes it to another dimension. Both literally and in sonic improvements. Our ADVANCED platform represents a unique solution on the market, offering a two-stage, wide-band vibration decoupling and damping in both audio and subsonic ranges. It combines  a pneumatic suspension of STACORE BASIC and a specially designed ball bearing stage on top of it. The second stage–the ball bearings–greatly improves the isolation efficiency for lateral vibrations, “cleaning” what was left by the pneumatic stage. In this way an efficient six-axis decoupling is achieved—the Holy Grail of vibration control.

The ball bearings are our own, in-house design and manufacture, which guarantees an optimal coupling to the pneumatic stage, great efficiency, and a long life due to a careful selection of the materials. Unlike most of the ball bearings on the market, the ones used in STACORE ADVANCED platform are machined from very hard materials: Hardened stainless steel and Tungsten Carbide. This, combined with their special construction, gives an efficient control of most subtle vibrations and a long life even under heavy equipment. All this results in an opening of a wide “sonic window” on the audio system, allowing for a deeper understanding of its sound and discovering new aspects, previously buried in unwanted vibrations.

The platform is ideal for the most critical and sensitive audio chain components: Turntables, CD transports, music servers, DAC’s, phono preamplifiers, etc.

Each platform is packed in a deluxe flight case with a CNC milled foam insert to ensure a safe transport.

* Due to high manufacturing cost this product is only sold direct
   through Aaudio imports in US & Canada

* Intro Platforms & CLD Footers are also sold through dealers

Product Specifications:

- 22.8” x 18.9” x 5.5” (WxDxH)
- Larger custom sizes available per request

- 207 lbs.

Max Load:
- 143 lbs.

Due to our optimized implementation of the ball bearings, an upgrade from STACORE BASIC/BASIC+ to ADVANCED is not possible


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