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XACT  Poland
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Linear Powered Music Server
Product Features:


State-of-the-Art Digital Transport and Music Server:

Featuring Worlds First Linear Powered Motherboard
for high-end audio playback.

JCAT introduces flagship series XACT which demonstrates the very best that can be achieved in digital audio playback. The S1 music server is a statement product that delivers unmatched performance.

ZeNA (Zero-Noise-Architecture)
Designed from scratch and fine-tuned solely for high-end audio playback, XACT S1 is a purist’s dream for those in the know. Featuring JCAT’s proprietary ZeNA (Zero-Noise-Architecture) motherboard, the S1 does not rely on switching DC-DC converters. Instead, super-low-noise linear regulators are used exclusively making XACT S1 the world’s first music server running on linear power alone.

The only Music Server on the market featuring motherboard designed exclusively for high-end audio playback.
The market lacked a genuine audiophile-grade motherboard. Most of the available streaming products are assembled using general-purpose PC motherboards designed for office work and gaming. Such motherboards with noisy switching converters should not be used in a high-end audio system as they pollute other hi-fi components and contribute to irritating 'digital' sound. Some companies try to improve their PC-based music servers by using better power supplies, which is a good practice, but eventually the final result is compromised by generic motherboard not suited for high-end audio playback.

The Finest Audio Components.
XACT S1’s proprietary audiophile-grade motherboard, apart from 100% linear regulation, features extremely low-jitter OCXO clock with ±5 ppb frequency stability - the same that is used in JCAT's XE cards. The extensive power supply section based on JCAT’s renowned OPTIMO linear PSU delivers 140,000 uF of capacitance provided by Nichicon’s flagship Muse and Fine Gold capacitors series, ideally suited for first class audio equipment. Internal SSD selected for its sound properties offers 4TB of storage and is connected to the motherboard via Reference SATA cable to ensure absolute best sound quality. Up to 16TB of storage can be added as option.

Product Specifications:

Proprietary ZeNA (Zero-Noise-Architecture) motherboard
( world's first 100% linear powered motherboard )

Power supply:
OPTIMO linear power supply section delivering 140,000 uF


State-of-the-art ±0.005 (±5 ppb) stability Emerald OCXO
(oven controlled oscillator) delivers the most stable timing in the presence of environmental stressors such as airflow, temperature perturbation, vibration, shock, and electromagnetic interference

Digital outputs:
2x USB Audio 2.0 (main and without 5V power bus) via gold plated high durability EMI shielded USB connectors.

4TB of internal storage from an industrial grade SSD connected via Reference SATA cable

LAN inputs:
6x Gigabit Ethernet (for future network switch & router capabilities).

Gold plated high durability EMI shielded RJ-45 connectors with built-in 12-core transformers for improved isolation.
LED-off feature for LAN ports to counteract noise

Made of aluminum; fanless design

Operating system:

Custom made JPLAY real-time OS loaded from a SLC SD card

JPLAY playback software:
Supporting TIDAL & Qobuz streaming services
Local files from internal SSD and using UPnP/DLNA servers in local network.

Native bit-perfect playback for DSD up to DSD512 & PCM up to 768 kHz, 16-32 bits

Supported file types:
DSD: DSF, DFF,  PCM: FLAC, Apple Lossless (ALAC)
WAV, AIFF; Lossy: MP3, AAC (M4A); MQA (pass-through)

Remote control: 
JPLAY iOS app  (lifetime license included)

17.3 x 12.4 x 3.4” (WxDxH)

20 pounds

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