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Thales TTT-Compact II Turntable

R E L E A S E:  T T T - C O M P A C T  I I

With the new turntable TTT-Compact II the goal was to optimize the belt-drive-system to the utmost while keeping the design and proven advantages of the current model.

Belt guide
The new belt guide prevents the belt from any unwanted side movement in order to improve speed constancy and reduce unrest caused by dynamic tracking properties.

Drive mechanics 

Close to the motor there are two additional pulleys connected to flywheels. This arrangement increases the applied inertia and balances variance of friction values. The rotation-speed of the three axis is chosen as inharmonic relationship in order to reduce resonance behavior. 

The complete drive unit is packed in a compact body of ductile iron and decoupled by a carefully calculated spring-element. 

The platter is designed with free space under the lead-in-groove in order to make the record-change more comfortable.

Tonearm base 
The arm-base is integrated into the main chassis. The thread-bolts for fixation are executed as precise steel parts. 

Two colors available: bronze and black anodized finish with silver edges. 

- LiMn battery pack for 12 hours playing time
- improved standby function to save battery life

- holder for Thales cables included

- new motor for precise drive properties

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