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Tandem  Greece

Tandem-Audio is a small company which is specialized in manufacturing handcrafted high-end equipment stands through a unique, in audiophile chronicles, “topology”. Theoretically, any audiophile gear should operate in a vibration-free environment regardless their origin (endogenous or exogenous). In our point of view, the only way to provide a vibration free environment is by preventing of the spread of floor vibration to the equipment with simultaneous and immediate coupling of the internal and air vibrations to the floor. I underline the word coupling because this is the most crucial point in which our products excel compared with other competitors. Most of the time, our competitors use either non effective coupling devices in their racks or damping methods which encircle huge amounts of energy inside the equipment. It took us many years of research and repeated listening sessions to reach in the patented stand we produce now. Every shelf can be very easily placed at the optimum or requested height, stabilized in absolute horizontal level and furthermore can be customized in proportion to the equipment dimensions. But our approach differentiates us from the competition in terms that every shelf is totally handcrafted out of specially selected and placed wood, firmly mechanically coupled with an enclosed system of specially designed metal plates (in a diapason-like function) immersed in a vibration absorbing material. In this way, the received vibration from the chassis is strongly grounded towards the metal frame of the rack to the floor.

Is the difference audible? YOU BET IT IS!
It is like getting the most out of every high end audio gear, which in other case would be buried deeply in endless circles of noise and vibrations.
We challenge you to compare any known manufacturer’s stands against ours.
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