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Ikeda  Japan

Legend starts from " Mr. Isamu IKEDA " for phono MC Cartridges and Tonearms

The superlative phono Cartridges and Tonearms are hand-made by Mr. Isamu Ikeda of Ikeda Sound Labs. well-known as a sound master-craftman in Japan, with his dedicated experiences and professional skill for more than 50 years while he had worked as a designer for tonearms and cartridges in a company and then established FR (Fidelity Research Co.) serving as the founder and the president. When the MC cartridge FR-1 and the Tonearm FR-24 were introduced in 1967, many of LP/SP record users had appreciated the quality very much and finally these products got the greatest sales since the Japanese Imperial family also played with. When the MC cartridge FR-7 and the Tonearm FR-64 were introduced in the market in 1978, FR had grown up as big as the companies in the 2nd Board of Tokyo Stock Exchange Market and had acquired the patent for "Air-Core Quadrupole Structure" for FR-7 in Japan and in the U.S.A. The new MC Cartridges and Tonearms are ever more purely designed and developed for audiophiles and sound lovers worldwide by Ikeda Sound Labs since FR had closed down in 80's.

You will be able to hear the breath of LP/SPs !

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