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Wilson Benesch  United Kingdom

Wilson Benesch – a British company with a unique time line of collaboration, invention, and relentless innovation. A manufacturing company with a track record of re-investment in advanced manufacturing technologies in both metal and advanced carbon fibre composite structures. Above all, a company that has earned a global reputation by virtue of its unswerving commitment to elegant engineered solutions to complex engineering problems.

Wilson Benesch, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Since Wilson Benesch was founded in 1989, all structural elements of every component it designs and manufactures has seeked to push the boundaries of manufacturing and materials technology. From the world’s first tapered Carbon Fibre tonearm, to the world’s first curved Carbon Fibre loudspeaker, the novel Clamshell Isobaric tactic driver and the patented Torus Infrasonic Generator; Wilson Benesch has pushed the envelope of what is possible within Audio Engineering. Every component manufactured using high precision tooling and advanced moulding technologies under one roof in Sheffield. A fitting tribute to the illustrious engineering history of the city and its pioneers such as Bessemer. It is only standing on the shoulders of the great thinkers and engineers of this time that the modern world can look beyond the horizon of time.

A testament to Wilson Benesch’s continued pursuit of perfection can be seen right through the product line. Through substantial government funding, Wilson Benesch has been able to pursue its innovative research and development solutions to creating sound. Three substantial pure research programs have all seen highly innovative and successful results.

The S.M.A.R.T. project or Bishop Project saw the development of the Tactic drive unit, that also forms part of the clamshell isobaric design seen in the Discovery Loudspeaker. The second realised the Torus Infrasonic Generator, a patented design that produces extremely dynamic low frequency sound. The third, the Mondrian Project which began in June 2008 and was recently completed in 2010 and has seen collaboration with the Sheffield University and the Advanced Manufacturing Park.

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