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Stacore  Poland

Our name STACORE comes from STABILITY and CORE  We are a small company from Gdańsk, Poland designing and manufacturing advanced vibration control products for audio systems. Our history has begun when one of us (Jarek, a theoretical physicist working on quantum theory) moved with his system to an attic apartment in Gdańsk and had to confront unstable, suspended floors. Dropping the needle of his EMT930 he quickly realized that either he finds a complex solution to isolate from the structure born vibrations or he will be listening to the everyday lives of his neighbors too. After long months of research and some trial and error he constructs a 500kg+ heavy rack with two independent pneumatic suspensions, loaded with an acoustically inert Italian slate. The obtained results turn out to be so good that an idea of a more mobile platform, combining the slate and the pneumatics was born. At this moment he meets Bogdan, a co-owner of a small machine shop with a vast experience in machining and organization of production, mostly for the naval industry. Joining forces they create the first prototype-a damped slate platform with a single stage pneumatic decoupling. In a series of listening tests in various systems it delivers so promising results that they decide to commercialize the idea and keep developing the design. STACORE – is also a merge of our surnames Bogdan STASIAK and Jarek KORBICZ

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