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Stage III  USA
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Magnus Prime
Extreme Resolution Interconnects
$2,800 / $2,900
Product Features:

RCA Type:

• $2,800 1 meter pair
Add $900 per .5 meter pair

XLR Type:

• $2,900 1 meter pair
Add $1,000 per .5 meter pair

These reference-level performers are are extremely silent, perfectly neutral, and offer a spacious and very tangible sonic environment. Imaging and depth are unsurpassable.

MAGNUS PRIME interconnects give music a smooth, genuinely natural and coherent presentation that allows no frequencies to ever sound harsh or exaggerated.


we have authorized distributors in the following countries
Baltic States & Russia, China & Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

we have authorized dealers in North America

USA ~ Canada ~ Mexico

Product Specifications:

Magnus Prime interconnects employ 6 AeroStrand Ultra™ conductors: cryo-treated, solid core palladium/silver alloy ribbons. Conductor dimensions: 2.5 x 0.55mm.

Helix configuration with alternating positive and negative conductors, (unshielded design).

Air dielectric. FEP Teflon® tubes 0.3mm/0.012" wall.

Available single ended or balanced with custom handmade polymer-filled, carbon fiber plug housings which help eliminate external vibrations. Exclusive Hyperion Ceramic plugs with Pure Silver electrical contacts and Cryo-treated, (custom made by Stage III Concepts).

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