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Stage III  USA
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Magnus Prime
Extreme Resolution Speaker Cables
Product Features:

• $7,300 2 meter pair w/Custom high-current pure silver spades
Add $2,000 per .5 meter pair
Add $500 for bi-wire

These extremely musical speaker cables can breathe life into the most demanding high-end systems. Uncolored, effortless, with a midrange definition and clarity that can only be described as luxurious.

Their highly dynamic bass performance is surpassed only by their ability to naturally reproduce delicate musical nuances in a way you have never heard.

MAGNUS PRIME speaker cables are also available in bi-wire configuration, with the ability to easily handle the power requirements of systems with megawatt capabilities. High-current, cryo-treated solid silver spades are standard.


we have authorized distributors in the following countries 
Hong Kong & China, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam

we have authorized dealers in North America
USA & Canada

Product Specifications:

Magnus Prime speaker cables use 12 AeroStrand Ultra™ conductors per channel: cryo-treated, solid-core palladium/silver alloy ribbons. Conductor dimensions: 2.5mm x 0.55mm. This design is unshielded. 

Alternating positive and negative conductor windings arranged in a helix configuration around a high density central core. Air dielectric. FEP Teflon® tubes 0.3mm/0.012" wall.

Vibration damping custom carbon fiber cable housings. Cryo-treated, high-current solid silver spades as standard termination.

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