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Ypsilon  Greece
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Siemens C3g / C3m
Select Grade Input Tube
$600 pair
Product Features:

C3g uses (2) matched pair > VPS100
C3m uses (1) matched pair > DAC1000 & PST100 MKII

Siemens new old stock tubes, made in Germany and precision-matched, select-grade by Ypsilon electronics for use in their Phono Stage, Dac and Preamp. Sonically superior and designed to run up to 10,000 hours.

To achieve the best sound quality from Ypsilon Electronics, we select only the highest quality NOS tubes, test and match them in the exact component they are to be used in. This will guarantee the ultimate performance level.

Ypsilon components employ the finest tube rectification, and we offer the Mullard EZ81 as an excellent upgrade over the stock tube. Each component uses a single EZ81 tube, excluding the PHAETHON integrated amplifier.

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