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Stage III Concepts Proteus Power Cable

The Proteus has the best sort of treble: pure, sweet, grainless, and so fully integrated it will largely pass unnoticed. The Proteus transformed violinist Gluzman from a mere technical wizard into a world-class soloist with a million-dollar instrument.

The Proteus is like icing on the cake… no, make that icing plus filling, because it fills out the sound. The massive low-end foundation it laid down was just what I had hoped for.

- Marshall Nack

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Positive Feedback 7/21/2018
Ypsilon Hyperion Monoblock Amplifier

The Absolute Sound's 2017 Golden Ear Award

- Jacob Heilbrunn

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The Absolute Sound 7/3/2018
Wilson Benesch Resolution Loudspeakers

The Wilson Benesch Resolution is a superb loudspeaker... it delivers a level of musical coherence and insight, a balance of the convincing and the communicative, that puts it at the forefront of current loudspeaker performance.

It is beautifully engineered from high-tech, high-quality materials... Tonal and temporal coherence are its strengths, its holistic, seamless presentation in some ways are more akin to an electrostatic, but a stat with bass and balls.

The Resolutions deliver all of that tonal range and subtlety, held within a broad, deep soundstage, with plenty of dimensionality to instruments and clear air between them... the vanishingly low signature of the cabinets allow the speakers to disappear, passive guardians to the musical event.

- Roy Gregory

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The Audio Beat 2/14/2018
PowerStar Horizon AC Distributor

OK, the PowerStar Horizon looks incredible. But what about the sound? Given the passive design, it is nothing at all like you would expect.

First, instead of getting soft, the PowerStar Horizon firms up frequency response across the board. This is especially beneficial to the bass range, as tonal balance gets a bit darker and there is more bottom. Everything gains density and weight. Image size inflates to some degree and borders are more defined, without becoming etched.

Secondly, the impact on dynamics is completely counter-intuitive. The sound becomes more energetic, crisp and contrasty. Instruments start to pop and the performance more engaging. The impact here is pretty startling. There is no loss—only gain—with the PowerStar Horizon.

- Marshall Nack

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Positive Feedback 1/1/2018
Stage III ~ Proteus power cable

The Proteus is an absolutely first-class, state-of-the-art power cord that is extremely dynamic, robust and nuanced.

You definitely need to treat the Proteus as a major component and/or electrical system upgrade, and not just think of it as another power cord tweak.

Very highly recommended.

- Ed Momkus

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Dagogo 11/17/2017
Metaxas & Sins MARQUIS Headphone Amplifier

Reviewing the Metaxas Marquis was an interesting experience. It’s certainly a design masterpiece, with amazing audio abilities. It’s a very accurate and powerful amplifier. It’s also unusual and eerie, perhaps even a statement piece.

But let’s be honest with ourselves. How many times can we admit that we have been so intrigued by an audio product that we just stare at it in awe?

- Matthew Jens

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Stereonet 4/12/2017
Stage III Concepts Analord Master

I certainly found a specialized phono cable that performs spectacularly. The Analord Master Phono Cable shares the extroverted characteristics with the rest of the latest cables Stage III Concepts. These new wire products from Stage III perform consistently at the top of the game. It should be obvious they garner a top recommendation.

- Marshall Nack

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Positive Feedback 11/19/2016
Stage III Triton Power Cord
It ain't often I find myself preferring the one-down model of anything. This is that rare occasion. As the saying goes, all things in their place. The Stage III Concepts Kraken and the statement Leviathan power cords are excellent on amplifiers. On my front-end gear, however, I found their effects too much. But the Triton, the third down in the line, fit the bill perfectly. The Triton is a reduced version of the Kraken, both in appearance and performance: it brings proportionally less of all the Stage III bennies. That means it will satisfy both the analytical enthusiast and the music lovers among us. That was just right for my front-end. The addition of a single Triton transformed my sound in startling ways. Singlehandedly, it took the system from very good to outstanding. The Triton is another A+ power product from Stage III and recommended without reservation.

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Positive Feedback 7/18/2016
Gorgon Interconnect from Stage III Concepts
The cable manufacturer Stage III Concepts is busily revising their product line to incorporate new design developments. First they came out with a pair of power cords, the Kraken and Leviathan, which are outstanding. Last year they introduced the Medusa Speaker Cable, another solid winner. Now it's time for an interconnect. Before shipping me the Gorgon Interconnect, the distributor told me how it shared all the latest design elements of the line and had similar voicing. Frankly, I was skeptical since it seemed too good to be true. I had the same reservations about the Medusa Speaker Cable and it proved me wrong. Now it's the Gorgon's turn. I can state unequivocally, the Medusa and the Gorgon are worthy complements to the Kraken and Leviathan. In fact, the Gorgon may be the best of the lot. These new wires from Stage III Concepts do things I've not heard from other brands. It should be obvious they garner a top recommendation. You need to hear them. - Marshall Nack

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Positive Feedback 6/1/2016
Medusa Speaker Cable ~ Stage III Concepts

Until now, I've only auditioned Stage III Concepts power cord products. The latest models—the Kraken and the Leviathan—are outstanding, at the top of the game in the category.

The Medusa Speaker Cable is the first signal wire in the revised product line. When the distributor told me it had the same voicing as those power cords, frankly, I was skeptical. First listen proved me wrong. The Medusa is a worthy companion to the Kraken and Leviathan.

Stage III has hit another home run. It should be clear by now that the Medusa Speaker Cable from Stage III gets my top recommendation. (There's more to come. The recently released Gorgon Interconnect is now in house. Spoiler alert: the Gorgon sports nearly the same voicing. Stay tuned.)

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Positive Feedback 3/1/2016
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