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Ypsilon PST100 MKII Preamplifier

Looking for a rich, full, resonant sound, as opposed to a focused, analytic one? Look no further. "Man, what a natural, refined sound!" was the panel's enthusiastic verdict on the Ypsilon PST100 MkII Preamp.

Here's the scoop: For those who are looking for a little bit of creature friendliness served up along with excellent grades on the audio scorecard, you'd be hard pressed to find better than the PST100 MkII at any price.

- Marshall Nack

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Positive Feedback 7/1/2014
Thales TTT-Compact & Simplicity II

The Thales may be small but its sound is like a dream.

The quality of workmanship of each component is well above average and may be called perfect. But what else could be expected from the descendants of the best watchmakers in the world?

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High Fidelity 6/30/2014
B.M.C. Audio amazes with PureDAC

The B.M.C. PureDAC leverages some unique architecture to arrive at killer performance for a not-very-stratospheric price.

It has plenty of strong competition in the $2k and under category, but distinguishes itself with spectacular build quality, plenty of functionality, and — most importantly — very good sound.

The chief accomplishment here is tonal accuracy which is virtually unmatched in my experience.

I have to give major credit to Carlos Candeias and B.M.C. for pulling this off — well done!

- John Grandberg

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Confessions of a Part-Time Audiophile 4/4/2014
PowerSlave Marble Power Distributor

When you are building a house, you have to start with a solid foundation. The HB Cable Design PowerSlave Marble Distributor lays down the most solid foundation I've encountered.

The Marble heightens the audiophile experience in many ways. At the same time, you do not lose any part of the music—it does it all. This is a product with no caveats to report!

If I had an unlimited budget, I'd sooner purchase the HB Marble than any power distributor or conditioner on the market.

- Marshall Nack

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Positive Feedback 3/29/2014
B.M.C. PureDAC

The design, execution, fit and finish, are indicative of a component costing much more than the $1,790 retail asking price.   When you include the quality of refined sound that this unit produces, it adds up to great value in true high end audio systems.

What the PureDAC does so well is to bring out the intention of the performer, so the result is you are enjoying the musical message instead of listening to your equipment.  For anyone looking for a DAC, or a DAC/preamp/headphone combination with the qualities and price I described, I recommend auditioning the PureDAC.

- Paul Mah

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Dagogo 2/26/2014
Stage III Kraken + HB PowerSlave Marble

Since employing the use of the Stage III, HB Systems, I cannot think of a single instance when I have become really irritated at engineering or re-mastering issues. In the past, I would sometimes reject records or CDs five minutes into the listening because I found them so annoying. Now, I feel like I’m more able to listen past the imperfections, and hear the music. The music is more… there.”

At the end of the reviewer loan, I opted to purchase both the HB Systems Marble PowerSlave and the Stage III Kraken. Given the improvement to my listening enjoyment, they were well worth the price.

- Fred Crowder

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Dagogo 2/22/2014
HB Cable Design PowerSlave Acrylic

The HB Cable Design PowerSlave Acrylic Distributor does some wonderful things for your power line.

Bottom line: If I had an unlimited budget, I'd sooner purchase the HB Acrylic than any power distributor or conditioner on the market.

- Marshall Nack

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Positive Feedback 1/1/2014
BMC Full System Review

B.M.C. has put together a puzzle that for high-end audio had previously not been completed: mixing inspired design and Chinese manufacturing to produce electronics that compete on the highest levels at prices that don't. The makers of solid-state electronics, especially ones at the uppermost end of the price spectrum (they know who they are), should be concerned about B.M.C. -- very concerned.

- Marc Mickelson

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The Audio Beat 12/29/2013
Hartvig Signature TT Turntable

The real question raised by this turntable is just how it achieves such a remarkably musical and involving performance.

Whether by art or design, an innate feel or a deep understanding, Soren Hartvig has produced a genuinely impressive product that succeeds on every level; beautifully presented and flawlessly finished, it is as individual in appearance as it is confident in performance.

In a fast-moving world of computer-based, downloadable, high-res digital audio formats, many an audiophile is seeking serious, solid musical energy and dynamics from a high-resolution source, one that offers a huge range of affordable and readily available software.

Isnt it ironic that that is exactly whats on offer here? If you really want high-res musical and audio performance, believe me when I say that this is it!

- Roy Gregory

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The Audio Beat 11/29/2013
HB Cable Design PowerSlave Marble

Let me be honest: After all the great and some not-so-great power conditioning products I have owned and/or reviewed, I simply was stunned by the improvement the HB Marble made in the sound of my system. After the time I had just spent with the Audience aR6-T, the Synergistic Research Tesla PowerCell with active power cords, the HB Acrylic, and the new Audience aR-6TSS (by the way, all incredibly good units) I just wasn’t prepared for how much better my system sounded with the HB Marble in the system.

If you can afford the HB Marble and your system is at the place that this could be your next big step, then go for it. You won’t be disappointed!

- Jack Roberts

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Dagogo 10/23/2013
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