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Klutz Design CanCans

From the various stops I've made along cannery row—headphone storage by way of ALO Audio's T, repurposed Ikea kitchen hooks suspended from a towel rack behind my iMac, a garden center Buddha head too wide to be easy and too coarse to be kind to ear cushions, Sieveking's very slick steam-curved woodie without cord provision—none compared to the Klutz. Stylish, lavish, perfectly functional, substantial and particularly with the Art Deco buttons also whimsical to escape the corporate B&O board room, I think the Klutz is the hammer.

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6 moons audio 5/1/2011
The Minotaur and the Zyklop Power Cords

The Zyklop and the Minotaur are a pair of world-class power products. These Stage III power cords up the ante on every score. For those of us with an analytical bent, you will hear more detail, better imaging, and less noise. For those who don't give a rat's tail about analysis and just want to hear music, you will hear more of it as well. These two cords clean up the signal without stripping off any musical content. Both types of listeners will find their listening pleasure enhanced. The Stage III Zyklop and the Minotaur get my top recommendation. Marshall Nack

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Positive Feedback 12/5/2010
Acapella Audio Arts ~ Isolation Products
The Fondato Silenzio Isolation Platform and the various Couplers remove glare and brightness principally by cutting down chassis-borne vibrational energy. This re-aligns frequency response. This, in turn, yields crisp and highly coherent transients. And this serves to clarify musical lines and focus the view. They help you to make sense of the music. Remove the Fondato Silenzio Isolation Platform and the Couplers and what's left seems blurred.

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Positive Feedback 11/1/2010
Ypsilon DAC 100

After an extensive auditioning period, the Ypsilon DAC 100 is, in my opinion, the most serious contender to emerge in the high-end DAC arena in recent years. In addition to employing the highest-grade components in an expertly engineered design, the Ypsilon also boasts of a fortified chassis worthy of industry accolades.  The sound of this DAC can only be described as exciting and extreme, and the user experience invigorating.

Dispensing with word mincing, I consider the Ypsilon DAC 100 the ultimate tube DAC to audition and invest in under $30,000.  Constantine Soo - editor -

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Dagogo 10/1/2010
Stage III Concepts Minotaur Power Cable

Minotaur power cables will enhance almost every performance aspect of your system. Increased video contrast and sharpness will make images practically holographic. This design represents the current limit for linear, silent and unrestricted power delivery for the best audio and video components.   

In comparison to almost all other power cords that I have auditioned, the Zyklop and Minotaur power cords represent significant gains in frequency extension, stage depth, retrieval of low-level detail, transparency, recreation of soundstage, noise, natural tonality and dynamics.  In addition, they have an uncanny ability to balance the instruments in a mix so that all receive attention but none predominates at the expense of the others.

Perhaps most importantly, it has the ability to draw you into the music and communicate the excitement of a live performance.

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Dagogo 9/24/2010
Einstein The Tube MkII Line Preamplifier

The fact is that for any "audio checklist" factor I can think of — quietness, dynamics, tonal accuracy, frequency extension at both ends of the spectrum, spatial presentation, focus, and above all the ability to draw me deeply inside the music — The Tube Mk. 2 is simply the finest audio instrument I have reviewed. Let's consider a few examples.

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Superior Audio 8/1/2010
Einstein Audio The Light In The Dark
The Light In The Dark is quite simply an amp for those who have graduated to a refined, mature level of listening. No gimmicks, no unnecessary frills, just a beautiful reflection of the real thing, like the reflecting pool of water still as a mirror on a cave’s floor – creating a moment where sound and light seem to converge to thrill the senses.

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Dagogo 6/21/2010
Ypsilon BC-1 Balanced Converter Trans...

The main purpose of a balanced converter transformer is to convert an unbalanced signal to a balanced one. For example, you may have a fully balanced system except for your source, and you’d like to run fully balanced throughout. This can be especially useful for long interconnect runs between components, where your cables can act like a giant antenna system. You can keep the noise to inaudible levels.

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Dagogo 11/1/2009
Ypsilon PST-100 MK2 Preamplifier

The PST 100’s tonal purity was great in either the passive or active mode, but on certain pieces of quiet and delicate music, notably with piano, flute, violin and clarinet, the passive mode produced an absolutely heavenly sound that made you feel as though the performer was in the room. 

I have to admit that the PST 100 demonstrates what “cutting edge” really means.

There is no disputing the fact that this is a preamp that stands at the pinnacle of sonic splendor.

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Dagogo 9/1/2009
Ypsilon CDT 100 & DAC 100 digital front-end

Ypsilon Electronics was founded in 1995 by two sound engineers. They each had experience in the field of the reproduction of live music. Maybe it’s their experience in live concerts along with their technical background that contributes to the truly high-end sound they have been able to build into their products.

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Dagogo 8/1/2009
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