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Audiotop Digital: mold release formula
So what does Audiotop Digital do?
There were three obvious characteristics of the “Digital’s” effects: a very obvious increase in clarity and transparency, much better separation of performers and instruments, and a deeper and somewhat wider soundstage.

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Dagogo 5/16/2009
Isoclean ICP-003S wall socket

The small details in the music are more obvious. The large movements are more impactful. The soundstage has opened up. The ambience reveals more of the recording venue. The rhythms are more alive. The background is quieter and I’m hearing parts of recordings I’ve not heard before.

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Dagogo 5/16/2009
Audiophile-grade gold-plated fuses

Isoclean makes audiophile-grade gold-plated fuses. This fuse is a "tweak," an accessory that promises to improve the sound of your hi-fi.

To cut to the chase, yes, the fuses did make a difference. The sound was fuller, weightier, and the stereo imaging was more three-dimensional with the fuses in the speakers. Was it a jaw-dropping improvement? No, but it was there.

Audiophiles looking for a little boost to their sound should check out Isoclean fuses. You can use the fuses in some speakers, CD players, preamplifiers, power amplifiers, and other devices.

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The Audiophiliac 4/4/2009
Millennium's M-CD-Mat
It strikes me that the Millennium M-CD-Mat Carbon CD Damper is really a $119 upgrade to all your CD, SACD and DVD players. All you have to do is use it on your CD/SACD player when listening to music, then remove it and put it in your DVD player when watching movies. 

Though your first reaction might be to wonder why you’re spending $119 on a thin circular piece of carbon fiber, the actual effect may very well save you a thousand bucks or more in upgrading your CD, SACD and/or DVD players.  

" Definitely recommended "

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Dagogo 2/2/2009
Millennium's M-LP-Mat

The carbon fiber mat is both to absorb vibrations and to provide an “electrical shielding effect.” All that I can say is that it works.

The realism with the Millennium record mat and weight is remarkable on the Ellington/Brown recording. Ellington plays a honky-tonk sounding piano, which must have been an artistic decision. Ray Brown’s bass is closely miked. Both instruments sound more present and true with the Millennium.

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Dagogo 2/2/2009
Millennium's Silentor

The Millennium Silentor LP Weight Support is machined stainless steel, with a tight coupling to the spindle through an O-ring and a series of precision-drilled, silica-filled holes covered by the carbon fiber mat at the record surface. This all provides resonance dampening.

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Dagogo 2/2/2009
Millennium CD Mat
What you hear is lower apparent noise with a well-extended top-end where there is edge to brass and shimmer on high hat. The soundstage has greater precision in the location of performers. The bass is more profound and controlled. 

Piano reproduction is much improved with great bass authority and sharp impact of the keys. The overall impression is a more open sound that encompasses you as though you were in the recording studio. 

Once you have heard it, you will not want to ever be without it. Several heard my Millennium in use at the RMAF Show and immediately went to buy their own.

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Dagogo 11/17/2008
Millenium Audio Video Carbon CD Matte

The Carbon CD Matte helps address micro-vibrations of the rotating disc, which results in a few noticeable improvements in my system. As with any successful effort to remove vibrations in a stereo system, fine details were more distinct and apparent, with less blurring and obscuration. 

Tambourines were a great example of this phenomenon; individual bells rang, rather than a hodgepodge of ringing bells. 

Also, I noticed improved tonal complexity, as the Carbon CD Matte was effective in subduing some of the 'digititis' glare that all CDs seem infected with. Harmonics were slightly more fleshed out, and upper treble was not as whitewashed. Finally, and most audibly, I heard improved stage depth whenever the Carbon CD Mat was in place.

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Positive Feedback 9/1/2008
Millennium Arcylic Block

The Millennium Audiotrade Acrylic Block V/H6035 ($74) may have a cryptic name, but it's very straightforward to use in setting the vertical tracking angle (VTA) of the stylus.

The Acrylic Block makes setting level VTA quick and easy. While $74 for a piece of acrylic is pricey, once you use the Acrylic Block you won't want to adjust VTA without it.

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Soundstage 7/9/2008
Audiotop Digital
I applied it onto CDs, and when listening to them via extraordinarily revealing speakers, such as the $20k Audio Note AN-E SEC Silver and the $25k Bӧsendorfer VC7, I found the improvement in CD playback as accorded by Audiotop’s Digital concrete.

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Dagogo 6/1/2008
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