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Millennium Silentor Record Weight

"The M-LP and Silentor offer a lively presentation whose focus, the sense that instruments and performers are sharply defined and delineated from each other, is their most obvious contribution. With each LP, instrumental lines were easier to follow, and the recording's sonic thumbprint was more distinct."

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Soundstage 3/1/2008
Audiotop Connect Workstation

What happens is unbelievable! The depth and the width of the sound, the entire room feeling changes completely. The fine tuning is amazing and most of all there is an improved flow in the music. Is it really the cleaning of the contacts that can show what your equipment can accomplish. I believe so because it is now possible to see into the different parts of the music while the entire music-happening is going on. Maybe this is best described as diffusion.

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Acapella High LaMusika Cables

"Their immediacy is matched by abundant clarity -- a potent combination that makes for very involving, even exciting listening." "Voices and instruments were rendered with almost hyper-real precision and crispness, but this never toppled over into clinical rigidity…. I certainly wouldn't call them "polite" or "laid-back." "Vivid, forceful and athletic" is more like it." "They seemed to know where the line between 'more' and 'too much' resided, and they never crossed it."

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Soundstage 10/1/2007
Einstein The Light In The Dark

So, if we had to summarize the sonic qualities of this brilliant piece of equipment, we'd use such descriptors as tonal beauty and texture, filigreed detail, bass control, dynamic brutality and image spaciousness. It's a sound that will appeal to the sophisticated and experienced listener, an intellectual rather than an immediately visceral experience.

The designers of the Light In The Dark hybrid power amplifier have managed to combine the inherent tonal beauty of valves with the control and dynamic expression of solid state to create a superlative amplification instrument. This Einstein is sheer genius. And it won't take an advanced degree to understand and appreciate its brains ...

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6moons 6/1/2007
Isoclean Super Focus Power Cable

With the Super Focus, the Luminance Audio-coupled Murata speakers rendered instruments of all variety with increased tonal substance and spatial definition, contributing to the dimensionality of instruments and realism of venue immensely.

The Isoclean Super Focus brought a most profound increase in dynamic competence and tonal articulation to the setup, prompting the Combak to propel the large speakers seemingly with twice as much drive and output energy.

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Dagogo 2/1/2007
Einstein The Tube

The Tube Linestage is easily the best audio component I own, and on par
with the Acapella Campanile as being the best audio components I’ve ever heard.  With the insertion of
the Einstein, I put the degree of change in my system's sound on the order of a speaker change, like
moving from bookshelves to full range 20hz floorstanders.  This preamp is a paradigm-shift, and brings
the dynamic tilt of live music into the home more than any other electronic component (note: I didn’t say
“speakers”, I said “component”).  The Tube Linestage is not made for home theatre or casual listening;
however, if dynamics are your thing, or if live music is your thing, I cannot imagine any preamp
outclassing the Einstein.  Yes, I bought one.

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Dagogo 9/1/2006
Audiotop Connect Workstation

If you follow the instructions of the swiss producer, each contact is cleaned with three different detergents. The contacts need time to dry. Even so: the effort was worth its while. The background noise is almost completely gone, the details are now audible, I can enjoy many more details and the dynamics of the equipment have improved.

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IMAGE HIFI 5/31/2006
Audiotop VinylSet

The swiss company Audiotop has produced a series of cleaning detergents for hifi purposes. This company has been producing these industrial cleaning detergents for a long time and therefore has the necessary know how. The products are not just random mixtures of fluids, they are cleaning detergents that have been optimized for their specific purpose.

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AKTUELL 5/31/2006
Einstein The Tube Preamplifier

"Its own noise floor is exceedingly low -- below audibility, really -- which helps it uncover the lowest level of detail in a way that's unmatched in my experience." It also has "a very forceful, immediate presentation that… makes for exceedingly wide dynamic range." "There is also a weightiness, especially in the bass, which has great depth and power."

"The alpha male of line-stage preamps."  Reviewers Choice Award / Innovation in Design


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Soundstage 4/1/2006
Isoclean Focus Power Cable

The Isoclean Focus power cable forms a naturally complimentary synergy with the ICP-003G wall socket, feeding off higher quality juice from the polished AC contacts.  The extraordinarily nimble cable actually employs three, 6mm British copper for enhanced current delivery capability, and channels the electricity under triple layers of anti-static Nylon, further protected by vibration-damping and Radio Frequency-absorbing heavy-duty copper shields.

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Dagogo 4/1/2006
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